Staff Profiles


Lila Mani Pandey – Vice Principal

I am the Vice-Principal of Namaste Academy and I teach English to grade 10 and 11 students. I was born and brought up in the Rupandehi District and completed my M.Phil in English from Pokhara University. I also have a Master’s Degree in English from Tribhuvan University and a Master's Degree in Buddhism from Lumbini Buddhist University. I am fond of teaching as it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with students and apply various learning techniques - and in turn, this helps me to learn more and develop myself.

Er.Umesh Kandel - School Manager

I am the School Manager of Namaste Academy and responsible for supporting the Principal to ensure the effective management of Services related works and digitalized the institute. I work as an IT Services Manager in Namaste Academy and promoted to School Manager. Most of the time I am engage in Network management and IT services in different venture of The British College and also certified from very renown company cisco (CCNA) prior to joining Namaste Academy .I also completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore ,India and also Registered Engineer of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC).

Rajendra Kunwar – Founder Principal/ Secondary Nepali Teacher

I am the Founder Principal of Namaste Academy and am currently working as a teacher of Nepali language to the students of grades 10 and 11. I was born in the Dhurkot Rural Municipality and completed my Master’s Degree in Nepali Literature from Tribhuvan University in the year 2062 B.S. -  with marks of the first division. I have now been teaching for 23 years and have published half a dozen reference books and reviews in the Nepali language to date. I have a passion for teaching and especially enjoy it when my students interact in the classroom.


Mahesh Poudel – Plus 2 level Coordinator

Currently, I am working as Plus+2 IN charge in Namaste Academy. I work with the institution's executive board, parents, teachers, and students to address student issues - and am responsible for effective curriculum delivery, the achievement of departmental goals, learning outcomes, and the meeting of targets and benchmarks. I obtained my Masters's degree from St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu and whilst studying, was inspired to work in the field of research and teach others what I had learned. Since then I have published papers and journals and worked as a researcher. I now have a key role in developing a positive learning environment at the Academy and aim to develop a school that is both innovative and responsive to student needs.

Vijay Karki – Secondary Level Coordinator 

I am proud to be part of Namaste Academy, where I have now worked for four years. I was born and brought up in India, as my father was in the Indian Army, and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Science there, at Ranchi University. I have a true passion for working with our young learners and helping each child’s progress in all areas of their development - academic, social and language. It is a challenge that I am honoured to accept every day and I look forward to working together with you for your child’s growth and development. 


Mahendra Paudyal – Secondary Level Coordinator 

It is my pleasure to be a teacher at Namaste Academy, at the secondary level. I am from Gulmi and obtained my Bachelor in Commerce from N.E.H.U. India, Meghalaya, Shillong. I previously taught for ten years at Shree Rudra Ganga English Boarding school as a secondary level teacher of Social Studies and Economics. Now, at Namaste Academy, I prioritise the development of the students and the institution. Every day I strive to motivate my students and work with the Academy to achieve their goals. I once taught a girl from Nursery to SEE level - and she is now a doctor.  And it is these such achievements that make me love my job. 

Meena Bhattarai – Primary Level Coordinator

I am the Junior School Academic Coordinator at Namaste Academy. I have been an educator for over a decade, and have experience counselling parents and students on academic performance. I have a Master’s degree in Management from Tribhuvan University and am a strong devotee of the eternal learning process. I intend to create academically engaging learning experiences through an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and compassion - and I am currently working to improve the literacy and personal behaviour of our elementary students. I am a versatile teacher who loves to design, manage, and engage the students with creative projects - for which I have received the International School Award (ISA). 


Geeta Gauchan - Pre Primary Level Coordinator        

I am a pre-primary coordinator at Namaste Academy. I was born and brought up in Odisha, India, and during my childhood, I was fascinated by my dad teaching kids in army camps. His inspiration drove me towards my profession. Teaching is a challenging job but teaching toddlers is ten times more so. However, my passion for what I do makes it fun, and I love to be surrounded by the joyful sounds of children's laughter. Besides teaching letters and numbers, we help our students to explore and discover new skills and abilities every day. We help them to develop a love for learning and in return, I too am constantly learning from my students. As such, I find it a highly rewarding and fulfilling profession.




Bisheshta Nepal  

I am a science facilitator at the secondary level here at Namaste Academy. I was born in Palpa, raised in Bhairahawa, and completed my studies in Kathmandu - which gave me the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds and learn a lot about them. For my Masters's degree in Biotechnology, I went to Central Campus, Tribhuvan University. Science has always been my passion and I want to encourage women in science for future generations. It is this passion that has driven me towards teaching. I am also a Secondary Level Coordinator at Namaste Academy and have responsibilities for coordinating with teachers, parents and students. 

Tara Devi Thapa 

I am from Palpa and graduated in Public Health from Purbanchal University, Nepal. My passion is motivating and building the self confidence level of the students, and that is why I love working at Namaste Academy. I believe that education is the main way to change the knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of an individual - and this is why I am motivated towards teaching, as I believe in the power of sharing and learning knowledge. 


Sudeep Khanal  

“Chemistry is a mystery of chemicals and chemists are the detectives who solve this mystery”. I am from Rupandehi, and completed my masters in Science (Chemistry), from Tri-Chandra College in 2014. I have seven years of experience teaching Chemistry, to plus two NEB levels in Kathmandu and Butwal. I pursued my career in Chemistry as it's study has helped me to understand what life is, as well as the type of life I have to maintain in order to advance the current living system. Understanding chemistry needs a lot of patience, hard work, and technique  - and once students have obtained this, they will be able to say, “Life is beautiful”. 



Pooja Thapa 

I teach English at primary level. Teaching isn’t an easy job, especially with today’s younger generation, but I was inspired to teach by my own English professor, who was no a friend to his students. In order to get students to learn from you, you first have to be friends with them. I love communicating with people, and am able to talk to students and help them with whatever knowledge I have - so teaching is the ideal profession for me. I believe that learning is a never-ending process and as such, I’m still learning and strive to make myself better every day. 


Ambika Niure 

I was born in the Gulmi district of Nepal but grew up in India. I have now been working as a Social Studies teacher at Namaste Academy for three years and I love it. I enjoy teaching because, through it, I can help little children to shape their lives and, in return, I get love and respect. I am particularly fond of teaching Social Studies as it allows me to continually keep up to date with current issues, and help students to do the same.  


Basanta Gautam                                                                                                                  

I was born and brought up in the Kailali District in Western Nepal. I completed my Master's in Nepali Literature from Tribhuvan University and now teach Nepali at the Basic Level. As I love reading and writing in various genres of Nepali literature, teaching the language is my passion as well as my profession. I love to apply various new techniques in the classroom in order to bring my subject alive and find that it is a very interesting profession!  


Tara Adhikari             

I was born and brought up in Nagaland, India. I‘ve been teaching primary English at Namaste Academy for the past two years now and I love teaching because I love kids. I love the daily laughter, smiles, joy, and excitement that they show about learning new things. It's always fun to be around small kids and when I teach, I also learn something myself. I enjoy teaching English because it gives students a voice. I show students that words are powerful things; they're the things that influence people and instigate change in the world. In this way, as a teacher, I can make a difference to someone's life which goes far beyond knowledge. 



Sita Thapa 

This is my first year at Namaste Academy, teaching the first grade. I know that successful students become successful adults and I believe in working at the very base of education. I love English literature and graduated in Arts at Delhi University. I also earned my teaching credentials and a Master of Education degree from GGSIPU. Contributing to education has been my primary motivation in life and I believe that students are the name of change. And so, I am excited to begin the best year ever! 


Lalita Khanal 

I was born and brought up in Nagaland, India and am working as an Early Child Development teacher at Namaste Academy. I believe that teaching is a job that is characterised by responsibilities and I love it because for me, it is not just a job but something I really enjoy doing. Being surrounded by small kids is full of surprises and fun. As a grade teacher, I teach all subjects - and also teach outside of textbooks, in order to cover every aspect necessary to help a child to grow in the best way possible. 


Ujjwal Prasad Keshari 

I work at Namaste Academy as a secondary level Mathematics teacher. I completed my BSc in Maths and Physics and am currently studying the BCA.  I love teaching Mathematics because it requires so much creativity from the students and has inspired me to be more creative too. It provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigour. In addition, mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in understanding other school subjects, such as science and social studies. 


Nabin Nepal 

I was born in Palpa but grew up in Butwal. I have been working at Namaste Academy as a secondary level Physics teacher for a year and love to be surrounded by the curious and innocent minds of students. I find real joy when I satisfy their inquisitiveness with full and logical evidence. Being with children keeps me forever young and today, even after nearly one and half decades of teaching, I find the love, laughter, mischief, creativity, and imagination of children to be a source of great joy! 


Padma Shahi 

I am from Butwal and ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I love children and really enjoy helping them out. I want to get them excited about school and help them to realise that they can do anything if they set their minds to it. I have experience teaching Science, Social Studies and E.P.H. - and I love to explain to children using visual aids and creativity. I joined Namaste Academy in 2020 and am now teaching English and Social Studies. Every day is a challenge and it is my aim to be a teacher who can inspire her children by being a positive role model. 


Biddhya Pantha 

I live in Nayamil and gained my masters degree in Education from Butwal Multiple Campus. I have now been teaching Nepali for a number of years and am currently teaching it at primary level at Namaste Academy. Since starting here, I have taken part in a number of training sessions and now consider the Academy to be my second home. The training sessions have helped me to become a competent teacher, and I now use various methodologies in the classroom to help the students to better understand the material. 


Kalpana KC Aryal 

I am from Tilottama and have now been teaching for one year at this amazing school. I have taken Montessori and child care training and love the teaching profession. Working here has been a great opportunity for me to work with an awesome teacher team and some amazing students. I believe that every child bears a huge responsibility towards family, society and the nation as well - so I feel very proud to contribute my knowledge and experience to their development.  


Deepak Pokharel 

I am from Gulmi and received my Postgraduate in MBs (Finance) from Tribhuvan University. As I have an entrepreneurial mindset, I love this subject, which helps me in every aspect of my personal and professional life. Finance revolves around planning and analysis, and so I have chosen teaching as my profession because I want to share my financial and accounting knowledge with my students, so that they can become financially literate and make wise financial decisions in their own lives. 






Keshav Acharya- Music Teacher

Music has no language. I have been continuously studying classical music for the past 12 years and, to this day, I still do. My aim is to introduce Nepali music to the world, starting with the students of Namaste Academy, where I teach. However, I also listen to, enjoy, and read about not only classical Nepali music but many different genres from all over the world. I know that music should be universal and so I introduce my students to the language of melody and rhythm so that they can communicate wherever they travel.


Shanker BK- Dance Teacher

I’m the dance teacher at Namaste Academy. I learnt dance in both India and Nepal and I teach modern dance but I am equally influenced by Nepali cultural and classical dance. I have been teaching for eight years and in that time my students have won many local and national level dance competitions. My biggest achievement was when one of my students took part in India’s biggest dance reality show, and was selected as one of the top eight contestants. I have also choreographed many events and programmes and beleive that dance is a way to move your body and express yourself with the help of music. It helps you to create, explore, motivate and represent yourself - and that is why I love teaching  dance to young people.


Muhammad Ali- Karate Instructor

I was born and brought up in Tilottama and I qualified as a certified coach with the Sports Science Academy of Nepal (SAN) and National Sports Council of Nepal. Doing karate is my passion and my aim in life is for my students to be able to fulfil their dreams with the help of karate. I want students to develop their physical fitness and be mentally strong enough to overcome their problems, whilst representing the Academy at national and even international levels. I have been working as a karate instructor for 15 years and I love my students. I also participated in many national and international games events and won several awards,before joining Namaste Academy in 2019.


Om Prakash Thapa - Football Coach

I am from Purano Sadak and I am the football coach at Namaste Academy. In the early days of my football career I got the chance to play in a team and represent Rupandehi 11 in the Tillotamma Gold Cup. I then trained in the RCT - a division football team and also played in the South Asian Games for India in 2066, and the National A Division League in Pokhara 2078. It is this experience that led me to teaching and now I love being able to inspire students to enjoy the game as much as I do.


Dipika Pandey – Yoga Instructor

I am from Bhairahawa and I am the yoga Instructor at Namaste Academy. I am currently studying for my Bachelors in Business Administration, at the Bhairahawa Multiple Campus and have previously completed several yoga related courses. I am qualified to teach both basic and advanced classes and have done several volunteer training programmes which have enhanced my experience and helped me to become a more effective instructor.





Anuj KC – Operation Executive

I am the Operations Executive at Namaste Academy and am responsible for supporting the Principal to enusre the effective management of the school’s non teaching and operational aspects. My career has largely been in the retail industry and hospitality sector and prior to joining Namaste Academy, I worked in a number of senior roles in the UK. I also completed my Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degree from the UK, in Strategic Management and Leadership.  


Er.Umesh Kandel - IT Service Manager

I am the IT Services Manager at Namaste Academy and responsible for supporting the Principal to ensure the effective management of IT related works and digitalized the institute. Most of the time I am engage in Network management and IT services in different venture of The British College and also certified from very renown company cisco (CCNA) prior to joining Namaste Academy .I also completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore ,India and also Registered Engineer of Nepal Engineering Council (NEC).


Bishwas Nyoupane – Finance Executive

I am the Finance Executive at Namaste Academy and am very glad to work here. I am a professional accountant who graduated from Tribhuvan University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies, specialising in Accounts. I have a Master Degree from Tribhuwan University and have since acquired more than ten years of experience in various business sectors.


Rashmi Gurung- Cashier                                                                                                          

I am from Rupandehi and completed my Bachelors degree with a major in Finance from New Light College, under Tribhuvan University. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters Degree from Rammani Multiple Campus and have been a part of Namaste Academy since 2016. I began witht the Academy as a teacher and now work as a Cashier and Assistant Accountant. I have learned so much and know that there is still so much more that I can learn by working here. At Namaste Academy I get great opportunities to interact with different people and teams, and I love the friendly working environment.


Tila Sharma – Receptionist

I am from Tilottamma-13, and completed my Bachelors degree from Ramani Campus, Manigram. Before working at Namaste Academy, I was a teacher at Himalayan Boarding High school. I then began teaching here and since 2019 have been working as the Receptionist. What I like most about my current job is that it gives me the opportunity to learn new things and be creative on my own. I always give 100% and look forward to many more years working with the Namaste Team.


Sangeeta Thapa – Communication Officer

I am from Drivertole and completed my bachelors from Banijaya campus, Butwal with a major in Business. I previous worked as a receptionist at SR before becoming a reception supervisor at Tiger Palace Resort for two and half years. I am now currently working as a marketing and communications officer at Namaste Academy, which gives me the opportunity to interact with new people in different fields, and I look forward to continuing to grow with the Namaste team and our students. 


Dilmaya Pun - Nurse

I am from Sunwal, Nawalparasi and work at Namaste Academy as the school nurse and hostel warden. I am a registered nurse, and qualified with my PCL in nursing from Meditech Nursing College. Before starting at the Academy, I worked at Devdaha Medical College and on the emergency ward at the Research Institute Hospital.


Chandra Prasad Bhattara i- House Keeping Supervisor

I am from East Pahuni and work at Namaste Academy as a Housekeeping Supervisor. I completed my schooling at Shree Paschim Pahuni Madhyamik Bidhyalaya and before joining the Academy, I worked in Qatar as a housekeeping supervisor for four years, and spent a further six years in Dubai.


Binod Acchami – Transport Incharge

I am from Khairiya and I work at Namaste Academy as the Transport Incharge. As a transport incharge, my duty is to handle the department and communicate with the drivers and helpers of our school vehicles so that we can effectively run our department. Previously I worked for three years in Dubai as a Lamination Operator and for two years marketing in the field of hardware and acting as a storekeeper.  


Bikram Midhun – Graphic Designer/ Computer Operator

I am from RupandehiI and completed my short term graphics designing training from Hub It Solution in Butwal. I have worked as a Graphics Designer for a number of media companies, including Pharsatikar Offset Press, Semlar Printing Press, Angel Printing Press, and Click Media Printing Press. I have also worked in the hardware and networking field in Silicon Valley IY Solutions, and as a Computer Operator with the Golden Future Computer Institute. I am now working as a Computer Operator and Graphics Designer at Namaste Academy.


Gopal Chaudhary - Technician


I live in Rupandehi and completed my Plus 2 from Pashupati College (Kotihawa). I have worked as an electrician and plumber for a number of places, including Lumbini Amusement park and Laxmi Electric Maintenance. I also spent seven years working as an electrician with a Dubai based company called Power Economy Middle East. Now I am working with Namaste Academy as the Maintenance Personnel and in house electrician and plumber.